About us

The Made Marion Gluten Free product range is a new venture for Portreath Bakery, a small family owned bakery based in Cornwall.

Marion Symonds opened her first bakery shop in the small coastal village of Portreath in 1988 and now has four shops, a wholesale business supplying hotels and restaurants throughout Cornwall and large bakery located in Pool near Redruth.

Marion is a renowned baker having started working in bakeries from the age of fourteen and over the years has developed her experience as a Master craft baker. Marion is somewhat a celebrity in Cornwall, having regularly appeared on television and radio with other well-known celebrities and her own Made with Marion baking show. In 2015 Marion was awarded the pasty ambassador award at the World Pasty Championships for her work promoting the Cornish Pasty across Europe and specifically Mexico, which has historic connection with Cornish Tin Mining.

Recognising the growing demand and regular requests for Gluten Free products, Marion and her Husband Peter decided to develop a range of products, with the key focus on taste, quality, and assurance against cross-contamination. A two-year journey of learning, developing the Gluten Free range with suppliers in Italy and extensive trials and product development, resulted in Marion and Peter investing to build a dedicated Gluten Free bakery, which was completed in 2017. Also in 2017, they acquired the Good Food Bakery, which holds the accolade of producing the World’s 1st genuine Cornish Gluten Free Pasty.

Marion is passionate and enthusiastic to offer her customers high quality bakery products made from, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. This same commitment is now applied to the Gluten Free product range, which is receiving rave customer reviews.

Gluten Free Traditional Steak Cornish Pasty